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Doe v. Esper

U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts
Filed March 17, 2020

GLAD and NCLR filed suit on behalf of Jane Doe (plaintiff is proceeding anonymously to minimize risk to her), an officer in the U.S. Navy who has served two extended tours of duty over nine years and is now facing involuntary discharge because she is transgender.

  • Doe v. Esper Complaint
  • Doe v. Esper Motion for Preliminary Injunction
  • Doe v. Esper Memo in Support of Motion for Preliminary Injunction
  • Transgender Military Ban FAQ

Doe v. Esper, filed in federal district court in Massachusetts, is the first challenge to the transgender military ban since it went into effect in April 2019. Doe, a dedicated, highly qualified and successful officer, is seeking emergency relief so she can continue to serve.

Doe came out as transgender after the ban went into effect in April 2019. She is not protected by the “grandfather clause” that permits continued military service by transgender troops who came out before the ban. The current policy mandates the discharge of any service member who comes out as transgender and seeks to undergo a gender transition.  

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