Challenging the Ban

When Trump tweeted his transgender military ban in July 2017
we knew we needed to act quickly.

We filed Doe v. Trump on August 9, 2017 – the first lawsuit to challenge the ban, and the first to win a nationwide preliminary injunction against it.

Two months later, we joined Stockman v. Trump, another lawsuit challenging the ban, brought on behalf of Equality California.

Watch this Teen Vogue interview with our attorneys and some of our trans military ban plaintiffs.

Two other lawsuits challenging the ban are also working their way through the courts: Stone v. Trump brought by the ACLU and Karnoski v. Trump brought by Lambda Legal.

We won’t stop fighting until the ban is gone for good.

Partner Organizations Supporting Transgender Troops
and Fighting the Ban:

SPART*A | Equality California | OutServe-SLDN | Lambda Legal | ACLU | TPOCC